The Hungarian Bahá’í Community
is happy to invite you

to its forthcoming Summer School to Lake Balaton,
6-11th August 2017

Main speakers:

Prof. Dr. Farhad Sobhani

Prof. Dr. Farhad Sobhani

Prof. Dr. Farhad Sobhani: Psychological and psychotherapeutic concepts in the Bahá’í religion (7-8th Aug)
19 days in the presence of Shoghi Effendi (10-11th Aug, in English, with Hungarian translation)

Prof. Dr. Farhad Sobhani was born in Iran and has lived in Germany since 1950. He finished his studies in Pedagogy, Psychology and Psychotherapy and became a professor at the ‘Freie Universität’ as well as a teacher at the ‘Volkshochschule’ in Berlin.

He has given numerous lectures and seminars in Germany and abroad, focusing mostly on the Bahá’í Religion and on psychological themes. Dr. Sobhani’s Pilgrim Notes were published with the same title as his lecture.

Dr. Francis Ö. Lustwerk-Dudás

Dr. Francis Ö. Lustwerk-Dudás

Dr. Francis Ö. Lustwerk-Dudás: The relationship of science and religion: historical perspective, and relevance to today’s world (9th Aug, in Hungarian, with English translation)

Dr. Francis Ö. Lustwerk-Dudás is the retired manager of the Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The relationship of science and religion is an examination of a complex philosophical topic from a narrow, primarily scientific point of view. The divergence of science and religion is a comparatively recent phenomenon, and its causes can be traced in the development of human society. The crucial questions facing today’s world are impossible to solve without the collaboration of science and religion.

Location of the Hungarian Bahá’í Summer School (c)

Location of the Hungarian Bahá’í Summer School (c)

Venue of the school:

Festival Üdülőház *** 8623 Balatonföldvár, Rákóczi street 32-40.

The hotel lies right at the shore of Lake Balaton, opposite of Tihany Penninsula. All the rooms offer a beautiful view to Lake Balaton.

The rooms have 2-3-4 beds, bathroom, television and refrigerator.

Terrace of Hotel Festival (c)

Terrace of Hotel Festival (c)

In the park there is a playground for children, sandbox, three concrete ping pong tables and grass for football. We advise you to bring your own ping pong paddles, as you can only rent them, but using the tables is free. There are two tennis courts you can rent

In the spacious wooded park, drinks and ice-cream are available in the Beach Bar.

Your valuables can be stored in a safe near the reception desk.

Main distances:

  • railway station (direct train from Budapest): 800 m
  • bus stop: 1 km
  • bicycle road: 5 m
  • sightseeing bus: 2 m

Pets are not allowed at the hotel!


The school starts with supper and evening programme on the first day, but registration is from afternoon and rooms can be occupied then. The school ends with morning session and lunch on the last day.

Draft programme:

  • morning: interactive lecture and workshops about the spirituality and practise of the Bahá’í Faith,
  • afternoon: free programme, workshops, artistic workshops,
  • evening: fun programmes, discussions.

Prices in HUF:

Age Accommodation (standard room) Accommodation (higher class room) Meals (daily 3x) Full price/day (higher class room) Full price for the school (higher class room)
(3-6 years)
2500 3000 2800 5800 29000
(7-13 years)
2500 3000 3600 6600 33000
(14 years-)
5420 6420 5000 11420 57100
Room in Hotel Festival (c)

Room in Hotel Festival (c)

The difference between a Standard and Higher class room is in the furniture and also in the updating of the bathroom.

Meals can be ordered separately. Please specify on the registration form.

Accommodations are free for children up to two.

Vegetarian food can be ordered.

Air-conditioning can be ordered only in approx. 10 rooms. It costs daily 1500 HUF, but should be paid only for the used days. As the number of air-conditioned rooms are limited, we cannot guarantee that everybody will get it. The allocation of A/C rooms will be according to the possibilities, but mainly for elderly or people with medical needs.

registration-form-bahai-summer-school-HUIt is possible to change or modify a meal, but only one week before the school! If you have not submitted your meal order by then, you may order from the menu at the venue’s restaurant at its normal price.


You can register at the Bahá’í Summer School in Hungary by sending this Excel registration form to the following email address:

Sandboxes, wooden monkey bars and swing for the kids (c)

Sandboxes, wooden monkey bars and swing for the kids (c)

Deadline of application and payment of deposit: 31th May 2017. Paying the deposit by 31th May 2017 validates registration (15 000 HUF/person, 5000 HUF/child). The deposit is not refundable, but can be given to another person. Every registration will be confirmed.

Method of paying deposit:
Bank transfer: to the following bank account of the Hungarian Bahá’í Community:
IBAN: HU41 1170 5008 2047 4069 0000 0000. (OTP Bank)
For additional information please indicated: „Summer School 2017”.

Location of the Hungarian Baha'i Summer School on the shores of Lake Balaton (c)

Location of the Hungarian Baha’i Summer School on the shores of Lake Balaton (c)

Remaining balance of the accommodation and catering fees should be paid preferably by bank transfer till 27 July 2017. At the hotel, you may also use OTP SZÉP cards (Széchenyi Recreation card).

As the different levels of accommodation are in limited numbers, the allocation of rooms will be according to the order of registration. Preference is given to those who stay for the whole summer school.

Registration on the above, special prices is until the deadline. There will be additional charges if you register:

  • Between 31 May and 30 June: +10%
  • From 1 July to the beginning of summer school: +20%

The National Spiritual Assembly is looking forward to seeing you
and the Summer School Organizing Committee is eager to receive your application!

Group photo of the summer school (2014, Leányfalu)

Group photo of the summer school (2014, Leányfalu)

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