What are the sound principles of enterprise leadership for successful and sustainable business in future? What is the relation among income, values and personal satisfaction? Senior Accountant Krisztina Berei – who is a member of the European Baha’i Business Forum (EBBF), an international association representing businesspeople across 70 countries, featured in over 8,000 media outlets including CNBC, CBS and Forbes – will present a seminar of values-based leadership and living values. Tovább »

Our Worldview Cultural Café series on interfaith issues continues
Friday, 09 October 2009 at 7:00 pm. with the following event:

Life After Death: an interreligious dialogue Tovább »

Have you ever wanted to see around the current stereotypes about Islam? Do you want to learn more about its culture and civilization? Researcher Péter Koczóh goes behind the hype to bring us this second part of his introduction to Islam. What are the teachings of Mohammad, the everyday practice of Muslims, and the religious laws that define their bounds? And what are the exciting contributions Islamic civilization has made to Western and world civilization in science, philosophy and the arts? Tovább »

Join us for our Worldview season premiere! Péter Koczóh hosts a talk with discussion: The formation of Islam, Muhammad and the Koran. A wonderful way to spend your Friday evening. Tovább »

Wen Ye and Wei Liu, two Chinese opera singers, offer a selection of classical and Chinese folk songs. Tovább »

Join us for a lovely concert: Martina Király on vocals and Krisztian Rács on acoustic guitar lay down some great tunes to lighten your Friday evening on 24th April 2009. A 300 ft. suggested donation will all go to help support these wonderful musicians. Tovább »

Friday 30 January 2009 7:00 pm

Interpreter-translator Péter Koczóh hosts a talk with discussion: God, man and creation. Come participate in this exciting discussion about the origin and substance of the material world. What is the evidence of creation? Does the world also have an existence before beginning and end? A wonderful way to spend your Friday evening. Tovább »

Friday 23 January 2009 7:00 pm

In this delightful introduction, experienced Esperantist world traveller Andrea Ottrok shows us that Esperanto is not only a compact, pleasing, easy to learn and useful language, but also a state of mind – one that circumvents bias and allows for direct heartfelt communication wherever one goes in the world. After a brief philosophical and historical background with a discussion about constructed languages generally, Andrea leads us through some of the basics of Esperanto in a multimedia workshop lesson. A wonderful way to spend your Friday evening. Tovább »

Friday evening, 9 January 2009 at 7:00 pm:

Visiting Canadian folk singer and musician Aspen Switzer performs in this very special exclusive concert in Budapest. Come have some tea and cakes and enjoy Aspen’s inspiring songs about love and life – joined by a local surprise guest or two – as we kick off this season of the Worldview Café. Fresh off her new CD — “Humble but bearing no apologies” — and before her winter tour of Canada, Aspen’s songs are sure to warm your heart. A wonderful way to spend your Friday evening. Tovább »

Friday evening, 28 November 2008 at 6:30 pm:

a talk by Prem Rajaram: “Human Rights: What is it and why does it matter?”

The topic of “human rights” has become so widespread that we continually hear appeals made in this name in response to both extraordinary and everyday events at an increasing frequency. Tovább »